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Animal Pantry Shopping Bag

Animal Pantry Shopping Bag

Animal Pantry Shopping Bag
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Save the environment and multiple lives by purchasing this reusable shopping bag! Using these bags help save on the production of harmful plastics. Plastic bags are a man made substance and can not be broken down, they stay in the environment everywhere! This being said, many wildlife animal get stuck within the bags and end up struggling for their life and sadly dont make it out. Plastic bags floating in the water have the same characteristics as jelly fish, sea turtles love to eat jellyfish! A lot of sea turtles and other marine life eat plastic bags thinking that they are a food source. Any plastic as well as plastic bags get lodged in stomachs and digestive tracts of these animals. When this happens they obviously don't recieve any nutrition.

One of two things happen when an animal tries to ingest these harmful plastics depending on where the item are in the body.
First: In the stomach, the natural reaction of the body gives the impression that the animal is full when in turn it is not and the animal actually starves itself (not knowingly) until it passes away.
Second: In the intenstines, these items get stuck in their digestive system in which when the animal tries to eat anything it just forms a blockage and is not able to pass it through as well as not obtaining any nutrition from anything else.

Save the environment and animals lives by using these re-usable shopping bags!
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